Agile Coach in Hope Foundation


This job takes place some days from home and others at the office in: Medellín
| Senior | Full time | Product, Innovation & Agile

Net salary $3500 - 4000 USD/month

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We have deep experience building community from the ground up. We are building the best products to help companies manage and scale their user groups and event communities all over the world. We are a distributed company and strive to be as diverse as the people using our products.

We build honest software to help small businesses achieve their goals profitably, cost-efficiently and ethically. We aspire to be kind and responsible to our environment and society, while being an inspiration for others.

The role


  • Working with the design and backend engineering team to implement new features on the frontend
  • Making sure the web client can scale 7-10x in the next year
  • Maintaining security and stability during rapid growth
  • Help mitigate and resolve bugs / work with the customer support team to resolve frontend bugs

We want you to be an integral part of the small clients team. You'll be able to take a leading role in delivering an excellent web experience to our 1,000+ customers and our thousands of users.


Experience with version control systems, such as Git. These systems allow developers to track and manage changes to software code over time, and familiarity with them is important for ensuring the integrity and reliability of software projects.

Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically. This is a crucial attribute for any tech job, as it allows the candidate to analyze and troubleshoot complex issues, and find innovative solutions to challenges.

Desirable skills

  • Experience with mobile
  • Experience with Objective-C
  • Familiarity with agile methodologies is a plus
  • Has experience shipping products
  • Self-starter with a passion for product development

What we offer to you

  • Essential hardware provided, including a laptop
  • Full training, including safeguarding, health and safety and information security
  • Staff Employee Assistance Program

Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Health coverage Hope Foundation pays or copays health insurance for employees.

Remote work policy


This job takes place some days from home and others at the office in Medellín (Colombia).

About Hope Foundation

We are a non-profit committed to solve humanity's big problems for the next century. — Hope Foundation's full profile

Agile Coach
Hope Foundation • Medellín
This job takes place some days from home and others at the office in: Medellín